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Hands off—and with no upfront costs or fees.

Your Invisalign® practice management team

  • Vetted orthodontist

    Treat 99% of your patients in-house

  • We handle every aspect of care
    Appointment confirmations, contracts, payment plans, digital treatment planning, virtual check-ups

  • More Invisalign® starts
    We provide an assortment of tools to educate them on why they should start at your office

How it works

Orthodontist matching

We'll match you with a top orthodontist and dental assistant in our network—your dedicated Care Team will reserve a chair at your office 1-4 times per month.

Book patients

Your patients book Invisalign™ consultations with your in-house orthodontist at your office.

In-person appointments

Consultations, Invisalign deliveries, and refinement scans, occur at your office on designated clinic days. Your Care Team bring the iTero scanner and supplies.

Patient check-ups

With virtual visits, we've saved your patients unnecessary office visits and your office from unnecessary chair time.

We handle everything

You provide the space and the patient books a consultation at your office—the rest is in our hands.

  • Appointment confirmations, reminders, eligibility checks

  • Patient contracts, payment plans, insurance

  • Invisalign logistics and virtual patient check-ups

  • Equipment (including iTero), supplies

A best-in-class clinical team

Top orthodontists

We only work with orthodontists who specialize in achieving the same results with clear aligners as with braces.

Top dentists

We operate by partnering with top dental practices. By doing this, we ensure you receive the best, holistic dental care.

Personalized care

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to your smile. We make sure to give you the smile that you're looking for.

Keep all orthodontic patients in-house

Our network of orthodontists specialize in clear aligners—this means we can treat typical braces cases with Invisalign™ treatment at your office.

Your existing options

  • DIY Invisalign®
    High start-up costs and lab bills, steep learning curve and limited scope of patients you can treat.

  • In-house orthodontist
    Poor provider retention, unpredictable profit and expenses.

  • Refer out
    Lost revenue and poor communication on treatment plan.

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