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Learn about our covid-19 precautions
Learn about our covid-19 precautions
Learn about our covid-19 precautions
Learn about our covid-19 precautions
Learn about our covid-19 precautions

Our Orthodontists

Meet the heroes behind moving teeth.

Meet our orthodontists

Our doctors are the dedicated heroes of moving teeth. Get to know our friendly team of providers, who you'll be seeing at your in-home appointments.

Founder of Two Front
Ingrid Murra
Founder of Two Front

Meet the founder

Dr. Ingrid Murra founded Two Front to revolutionize the orthodontics industry, with two main goals in mind. First, to create a clear aligner treatment model for everyone — because no one should suffer through metal braces if there’s a better option. Second, to create an organization that encourages orthodontists to do their best work. 

Two Front is looking to democratize confidence through smiles by providing better access to care.

Why we're different

We're upgrading the orthodontic industry for both patients and providers.

We’re led by an orthodontist.

While other clear aligner companies were started by non-medical professionals, we're led by an actual orthodontist. This means we’re backed by real clinical experience, where taking care of patients is the top priority.

We're revolutionizing the industry.

Kids don't need to suffer through metal braces anymore. With our tech-enabled and orthodontist-led clear aligner treatment, we're able to treat even the most complex cases.

We create opportunities for orthodontists.

As of 2019, the average orthodontist graduated with $428,000 in student debt — and limited career opportunities. We're creating an entirely new practice platform for orthodontists to thrive in.

Here's everything you need to know about moving teeth

Orthodontists get a lot of questions about clear aligners. To help you decide which treatment is right for you, our team has created this handy starter guide.

Clear aligners are the biggest technological advancement in the orthodontic industry. They are a series of 3D plastic replicas of your teeth — created for you based on a treatment plan from your orthodontist — that gently move your teeth into their optimal position. In conjunction with tooth buttons, they can treat even the most complex cases.

Both braces and clear aligners are an orthodontic appliance. The type of appliance used in orthodontic treatment is far less important than the skill set of the person providing it. Meaning: in order to treat comprehensive cases (think: preteens and teens) with clear aligners, you really need an orthodontist. Two major reasons:

1. Orthodontists must CREATE treatment plan based on in-person consultation

With direct-to-consumer clear aligner companies, orthodontists do not create treatment plans — often, they just 'approve' them. It’s kind of like an architect approving the build of a house by looking at a picture of it from 200 yards away. You can’t treat complex cases this way.

2. Tooth buttons are necessary for comprehensive cases

Tooth buttons are essentially handles for clear aligners to efficiently move naturally slippery teeth. The size, shape, and location are prescribed by an orthodontist. These are placed as strategically as possible (don’t worry, you won’t have an entire mouth full of tooth buttons).

At Two Front, your orthodontist builds your treatment plan after an in-person consultation, and comes back to clinically place your tooth buttons when your treatment plan is ready.

Yes — clear aligners are an orthodontic appliance, just like braces. When paired with a treatment plan following an in-person assessment with an orthodontist alongside tooth buttons, they can be just as effective as braces, too. There are a few benefits: no more brackets and pokey wires, which prevents unnecessary emergency visits to the orthodontist, no dietary restrictions, better hygiene, and no more metal. 

By the way, for parents who pursue clear aligner treatment through Two Front, you avoid going to the orthodontist altogether — we come to you for the two in-person appointments necessary to start clear aligner treatment, and follow up with any in-home visits as needed.

Our clear aligners are BPA-free and safe for kids.

Let's transform orthodontic care together

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