Orthodontist-designed Invisalign®, from your
dentist's office.

Introducing stress-free pricing

Invisalign aligners that offer more and cost less than typical high quality Invisalign options

Payment options to fit most any budget

Experts who can help find ways to shrink your out-of-pocket cost

Starting at $153/mo with Affirm. Prequalify now

*Your Treatment Cost will be based on your Treatment Type

The fastest and best Invisalign® results

Accurate results,
fastest treatment times

Orthodontist-designed treatment plans

Virtual Visits

Save 90% of traditional appointments

Flexible Payment Plans

Offer your patients zero down, zero interest financing

Intelligent Scheduling

Making sure patients are seen for IPR & scans at the right aligner

Retainers included

One set of retainers included

Easy Insurance

Orthodontic benefits & claims support

Get more for your money

  • Orthodontist-designed Invisalign aligners, delivered by your dentist, for the best treatment and fastest results

  • Top-rated remote monitoring app for 90% fewer in-person visits

  • Retainers that will preserve your progress

  • Keep your smile for life

Payment options to please everyone

  • Buy now, pay back at your own pace

  • Variable interest rates based on approval

  • Smartest way to pay over time

Let our insurance experts do all the work

Got orthodontic coverage? Navigating insurance companies is what we do. See if you’re missing any savings with our free coverage check.

"I'm so excited to get the smile I've always wanted! The process was very user-friendly and everyone was extremely responsive when I had any questions. Financing has been an absolute breeze as well. I was able to save even more by using a combo of my HSA funds and insurance making everything super affordable."

Two Front

"Two Front’s customer service is excellent. Any time I had a question they quickly answered and made the process go very smoothly. I was able to easily get reimbursed by insurance directly without having to deal with the hassle of filing a superbill."

Two Front

"This has been the best dental experience I have ever had! From the ease and low cost of financing, quick communications, limited office visits, and great care from my doctor I am extremely satisfied. My teeth are finally exactly how I’ve always wanted but never imagined I would be able to afford them."

Two Front

"I highly recommend Two Front. I thoroughly enjoyed their service and the results of my teeth are perfect. It's been great to work with them. I can get a fast response by just sending a text or easily call as well if needed. Payment was super affordable and right in my budget."

Two Front

"I am very happy with Two Front! I really liked the convenience and pricing. Financing was easy to do and I was even able to use my HSA funds for partial payment, saving me even more money."

Two Front

"Everything has been so easy and convenient. Communication has been amazing and I finally love the way my teeth are. The whole process was simple and the payments were extremely affordable. There’s no way I would have been able to afford it otherwise."

Two Front

Ready to smile?


How long will it take me to get my aligners after paying for treatment?

4-6 weeks. You’ll come back to our office for a 3D teeth scan with our iTero scanner, and it takes about 4 weeks to design your personalized Invisalign treatment and receive the aligners back at our office.

Why did you partner with Two Front to offer Invisalign treatment?

Straightening your teeth is an art, not a one-size-fits all treatment, the way a lot of companies advertise. We partnered with Two Front so that you can have your most beautiful smile and healthiest bite in the shortest amount of time. Through Two Front, we’re able to offer you orthodontist-designed aligners, with a check-in app to make sure you’re on track, and save you 90% of normal office visits. We’re also able to offer the best payment plans, and accept all insurances out of network.

What’s the difference between Invisalign at your office and anywhere else?

Invisalign is a tool, just like a paintbrush and a canvas. To get the best results, you need a specialist designing your aligners and monitoring your treatment. At our office, you not only get specialist-led care, you get it from the comfort of our office, and you can save on 90% of traditional in-person visits.

Why are mail-order aligner companies less expensive?

With mail-order aligner companies, you don’t have a dental professional designing your aligner care or monitoring you, they don’t use Invisalign, which is the best software to design and manufacture aligners, and you don’t have digital impressions, which affects accuracy. You wouldn’t want a gardener cutting your hair. Keep in mind that your teeth are alive, and they should be moved delicately. Check out this Twitter handle for more.

How insurance works at our office?

We accept all insurances out-of-network. If you have orthodontic insurance coverage, we’ll find out, let you know how much coverage you have, and file your claim for you, so you don’t have to worry about a superbill.

What to expect in your Invisalign treatment?

  • 22 hour daytime wear. Only to be removed when eating or drinking, your Invisalign aligners are designed to be worn at least 22 hours a day.
  • Average aligner treatment plan 6-12 months
  • Start seeing results in as little as one month

Best-in-class payment plans

  • We offer two payment plans. Our gold standard is Affirm, where we can offer you interest-free payment plans for 36 months with no down payment. Pre-qualify now.
  • If you don’t qualify with Affirm, we have a secondary payment plan option where everyone is approved for less than $99/month payment plans over 72 months. We’ll connect you with our Care Coordinator for this plan.

What’s next?

  • Choose your payment option, get your teeth scanned and start smiling.
  • If you start treatment within 1 week of your evaluation, you’ll receive a $500 discount on treatment.

How orthodontics can save you over $40,000 in long-term dental costs?

A lot of typical dental care procedures such as crowns, cavities, and gum problems, can be prevented with a healthy bite and straight teeth. By investing in orthodontics, you can save on significant long-term dental costs.

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