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Inside Your Treatment Plan
Delaney Widen
Head of Patient Experience


It would be hard to open a door without a handle to grab onto. Think of attachments as the handles that your Invisalign® aligners need to move your teeth into their optimal position.

Your orthodontist specializes in using the fewest and smallest attachments possible to get you the best results.


Elastics, a.k.a. rubber bands help you achieve the perfect bite. Elastics connect your top jaw to your bottom one, helping them shift relative to one another during your treatment.

A good bite is an extremely important part of a healthy and straight smile.

Contouring (IPR)

Interproximal reduction (IPR) is the process by which your orthodontist painlessly removes small amounts of enamel from your teeth, creating more space to shift crowded teeth.


Shifting your smile with Invisalign® aligners is like golfing — you rarely hit a hole in one with your first round of aligners. At the end of each round of aligners, you’ll get a new 3D teeth scan and your orthodontist will determine if you need additional aligners, known as “refinements.”