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Is Invisalign® Covered By My Insurance?
Delaney Widen
Head of Patient Experience
Does my dental insurance cover Invisalign treatment?

We’ll find out for you! When you provide your insurance information during your initial consultation, our team will contact your provider for more details. 

Is Two Front an in-network provider? 

Two Front is not an in-network provider, however, we will gladly submit the insurance claims on your behalf, so you’ll receive any benefits to you. 

What does out-of-network mean? 

Out-of-network means that a doctor or physician does not have a contract with your health insurance plan provider. 

What is an insurance claim?

An insurance claim is a request for payment submitted to your health care provider when you get items or services you think are covered.

How do I submit an insurance claim?

You don’t have to! Two Front handles your administrative work and submits the claims to your insurance company for you on the day of your Invisalign delivery. 

When will I receive my insurance claim payment?

Every insurance provider processes claims differently. Unfortunately, we do not have knowledge as to when payments will be made for any specific claim. 

How do I receive my insurance claim payment?

Claims will be sent as a physical check in the mail from your insurance company.